Critical Illness Insurance
Even with good major medical insurance, an illness can take a big toll on your finances because of out-of-pocket expenses, like deductibles and co-pays, or non-medical costs like grocery delivery, child care, and more. The lump-sum cash payment made directly to you helps you maintain your lifestyle without using all your savings. So now, if you experience an illness, you can focus on recovery, not the finances needed to do so.

  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Pays you a lump-sum cash payment upon diagnosis of a covered critical illness including heart attack, stroke, and cancer or a covered critical illness procedure including major organ transplant
  • No waiting period, although pre-existing condition limitations do apply
  • Benefit levels range from $2,500 - $25,000 per critical illness based upon your membership level
How to use:
  • To file a claim for a critical illness, call us at (855) SURE-MED (787-3633)
  • Call us at (855) SURE-MED with any other questions you may have
  • This is a group insurance policy issued to American Better Health Organization, Inc., and benefits are provided to eligible members of the association. Availability of policy benefits may vary by membership level.
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife) and United States Fire Insurance Company (Crum & Forster) have issued group critical illness policies/riders to American Better Health Organization, Inc. (ABHO), with the applicable covering carrier being dependent on the member’s state of residence. This material contains only a general description of the coverages. Specific requirements, coverages, exclusions, and limitations may vary by state.
  • For a general list of limitations and exclusions, please click here for Crum & Forster sample Description of Benefits or click here for MetLife sample Description of Benefits. These documents are not state-specific.
  • Payment of benefits may be subject to pre-existing conditions, lifetime and other limitations, and termination of benefits on or after certain ages. For a full list of limitations and exclusions specific to your state of residence, please reference the certificate of coverage in your membership portal.
  • Crum & Forster covered states: AL, AZ, DC, DE, GA, IA, IN, KY, LA, MS, ND, OH, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA, WI, WY
  • MetLife covered states: AR, CA, CO, CT, FL, HI, ID, IL, KS, MA, MI, MN, MO, NC, NE, NJ, NV, NY, PA, RI, SD, WV

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