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SureMed Product Headquarters
Ideal Concepts, Inc.
667 Union Blvd.
Allentown, PA 18109
(610) 740-0000
Group Information
Who we are
SureMed is a revolutionary service launched by Ideal Concepts, Inc. on March 1st, 2012. The mission of SureMed is to market the benefits of American Better Health Organization (ABHO) to consumers nationwide. ABHO is a non-profit association founded over a decade ago in 2002, with a mission to help consumers improve their health.

Through an exclusive arrangement between ABHO and Ideal Concepts, Inc, SureMed is able to educate consumers on many innovative ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle. This is accomplished through both education of members on healthy living as well as through the many health related services and benefits provided by becoming a member.

"SureMed provides innovative benefits which revolutionize health care", John Pequeno, President of Ideal Concepts
Innovative Benefits
Through this unique partnership, SureMed is able to offer some of the most innovative services in the health care industry. All of the health education and benefits provided are extraordinary but some of the benefits are so innovative they deserve special attention.
  • Doctors by Phone
  • Dental Discount Plan
  • Vision Discount Plan
  • Prescription Discount Plan
  • Medical Bill Saver™
  • Accident Coverage
  • Critical Illness Coverage
To learn more about these benefits, and others offered through SureMed, go to the Benefit Summary page on our website or call us at (855) SURE-MED.
Partners American Better Health Organization