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Collected Information

At your privacy is our number one priority. We will not disclose, sell, rent or otherwise distribute your personal information to anyone who is not directly involved in assisting you in quoting, purchasing or utilizing your membership.
What we do with the information we collect asks you for specific pieces of personal information when you request a quote our membership plans. Each piece of information we collect is vital to provide you with excellent service and accurate pricing. We will not disclose, sell, rent or otherwise distribute any personally identifiable information regarding our customers to any third party, except those specifically involved in the processing of your request for information. We may use and share aggregated information when it enables us to improve and enrich our product offering.
The information we collect
In order to provide you with accurate pricing and enroll you as a member, our site utilizes an online quote and enrollment form. We collect the following information for you: name, birth date, sex, home address, phone, email, payment information, as well as some other pertinent information. If you enroll as a member, the payment information will be used to process the one time membership activation fee as well as the monthly membership fee.
IP Address will record your IP address for statistical use, as well as to protect against fraudulent use of the website. IP addresses are not used to track a user's behavior. It is only used to help us determine traffic to specific areas of our site and to prevent fraud. We will NOT disclose, sell, rent or otherwise distribute your IP address.
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