Vision Insurance
Over 61% of the United States population need some sort of vision correction according to a Jobson Research study(1). That is almost 2 in 3 Americans, and most families have at least some members which require vision correction. Even for those individuals which don't have obvious known vision problems, it is very important to go in for regular vision exams which can help identify any potential issues, before they become a larger problem. That is why we have put together a comprehensive vision insurance plan for our members, so that they have access to routine vision exams, at very low copays. Any required prescription glasses or contacts are covered as well.

  • Comprehensive Vision Insurance Plan
  • Over 31,000 total participating providers through the VSP vision network
  • Covers exams, prescription glasses, and contacts
  • Covers vision exam with a $10 copay once per year
  • Covers prescription glasses with a $25 copay once every two years
  • Covers contacts with a $0 copay once per year
  • Up to a $130 allowance for glasses or contacts
  • Additional charge applies to contact lens fitting
  • Additional charge applies to progressive lenses
How to use
  • Find a participating provider using the Vision Provider Search
  • Present your Renaissance insurance card to the participating provider
  • Call us at (855) SURE-MED with any questions you may have
  • This is a group insurance policy issued to American Better Health Organization, Inc., and benefits are provided to members of the association.
  • Vision Insurance is underwritten by Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of America, Group Policy# 3605
  • This serves as a general overview of benefits, and is not comprehensive. Some exclusions may apply.
  • For a full description of coverage, limitations, and exclusions, please click here for the Description of Benefits.
  1. Jobson Research (2005) 2005 U.S. Eyewear and Eye Care--Consumer Patterns. Insight Survey CD.

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